What is a ‘Celebration of Life’

Funerals can be dismal affairs where grey-faced people stand around looking deliberately morose,

hoping for the whole sorry event to come to a conclusion so that they get back to the wake. 

But do funerals have to be so grim? Or is there a brighter side to these events?

Nobody wants loved ones to pass away. But moping around and acting like it wasn’t an inevitability is a stupendous act of emotional self-sabotage. Of course, people are going to die. It’s something we’ve all known since we were five years old. 

That’s why we’re seeing a movement that’s pushing back against the mainstream psychological backdrop. Instead of viewing funerals as vehicles for mourning, people are now seeing them as a celebration of life. After all, everyone is heading to the grave eventually. So what’s the point of feeling sad about it? 

We think it’s time to change the paradigm. Life is a glass-half-full type of experience. 

Existence is a beautiful gift. We should celebrate everyone who is fortunate enough to experience it. 

If you’re comfortable with the idea that life is finite, then you’ll understand where we’re coming from here. We think funerals could be on the lighter side. 

So what does this mean in practice? Well, it could be telling humous stories about the loved one, listening to their favourite music or poetry, even performing some kind of group challenge in their honour. Whatever it is, you should feel like a funeral celebrant, not somebody blindsided by misery and the inevitable.